Event Video
We take care of all your audio-visual needs for theatrical and corporate presentations for public, internal, training and recognition events.  We offer staging, filming, editing and production for archive and distribution. 

We can film and edit your existing training into an effective package.   Our team can also help you build the course with text and audio-visual support materials.  

Narrative Building
We can put together a clear picture of who you are.  This narrative will support the work you do by giving your clients, employees and the public a good context for your work.   We listen to your needs, investigate challenges and capture the facts to craft your story.  

When people frame your work within a narrative context, they get it.  They will buy into your message. 

Transmedia Storytelling; 

  • collecting your facts, figures and information
  • understanding how these         all work together
  • building an integrated frame
  • delivering the story where people will listen
  • inspiring people to act

The process can be simple even when your needs are elaborate.  

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