CandleMaker Communications partnered with
Scarboro Missions and Visionary Media to produce the 
award-winning documentary "Animating the Golden Rule" - exploring the universality of the Ethic of Reciprocity as experienced by youth in arts informed workshops developed by Scarboro Missions. 

Canada's Premiere Textbook publisher, Nelson Publishing licensed this work along with our companion guidebook for educators and youth.

  Currently over 5,000 youth annually directly benefit from our work, which supports dialogue in anti bullying, social justice, economic justice, environmental awareness and intercultural dialogue.

We are delighted to be working together engaging further exploration of this ethic across various media platforms.   

Opening channels of communication will create opportunities for 
a wider public to consider how the growing research into the ethics 
and actions of reciprocity could profit lives and build communities. ​

Golden Rules ...
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