CandleMaker helps you see what you want to say 
                                             - to clients, employees and the public. 

We came together in 1993 to help clients say what they want to say.

Delivering information effectively starts with the right mix of creative and technical skills to take care of business.  Each project fits the client and every project is designed to get the right story across. 

With a background in corporate management, training and non-profit initiatives, we blend people and product skills that allow us to engage real people as they work in their environment.   It comes down to simple respect for clients, their needs, available resources and the people who need to hear what our clients have to say.
About Us
'Great storytellers can cut through the noise and can produce tremendous value for organizations at a very low cost. 

Telling a solid story is just as essential as developing a great product." 

Fortune Magazine

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